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How to Install Radio Mobile

  1. Download and install Visual Basic
  2. Download Radio Mobile. Then unzip the file to C:\.
  3. Now you should have C:\Radio Mobile. This version of Radio Mobile is in English; however, other languages are available from the Radio Mobile site.
  4. Create a folder called C:\RadioMobile\Africa
  5. Download topographical coordinates, which Radio Mobile uses to draw maps, to C:\RadioMobile\Africa.
    • This is a link to all of the coordinates in Africa.
    • This is a link to other coordinates.
    • You can also determine the coordinates you need using a GPS. Then download particular coordinates
    • Note: If Radio Mobile is working properly, it will download these files as needed.
  6. In the folder C:\RadioMobile right click rmweng.exe
  7. Select Send to > Desktop (create shortcut)
  8. Launch Radio Mobile from the desktop icon
  9. This step is only if you manually downloaded the coordinate files.
    • Launch Radio Mobile from the desktop icon.
    • Options > Internet > SRTM > Use local files only.
    • Local files path - C:\RadioMobile\Africa
    • Internet ftp directory - USGS Africa - 3 arcsecond (if using coordinates in Africa)
  10. Download a sample of a Radio Mobile file.
  11. In Radio Mobile > File > Open Networks > browse to the sample file > Open
  12. It will ask to Save Networks > Click No
  13. Edit > Fit Maps to Unit
    • Check Adjust units to elevation.
    • Elevation Data Source - Select SRMT from the drop down menu
    • Drive or path - C:\RadioMobile\Africa
    • Click Extract
  14. Radio Mobile will then draw a map based on the sample file.

Tutorials on Radio Mobile

For more information on using Radio Mobile, visit these sites

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